Millions investment for elevator digitizer in Innviertel

From left to right: Thomas Eder (Eder Innovation), Thomas Meneder (HTF), Günter Baca (VIEW), Reinhard Hirtl (HR Holding), Johannes Schober(VIEW), Gerhard Ellmauer (Geel) und Patrik Cesky (ARAX)

OÖ HightechFonds invests in VIEW Elevator together with ARAX and Business Angels

Friedburg/Linz. With a second financing round, the Innviertel-based start-up View Elevator has secured capital for further growth and becomes a smart all-round provider for elevator operators and managers. The market has a lot of potential for digitization.

Elevator management is as simple as driving an elevator

Basically every child can operate an elevator. However, the technical measures and legal regulations in the background are extremely complex. “With our new tool, the LiftBook, we ensure that this work is also carried out in a smart, safe and simple manner. And that regardless of the manufacturer! " explains Günter Baca, who, as COO at VIEW Elevator, is responsible for the operational business. In this way, the Friedburgers succeed in raising potential savings of up to 50 percent in elevator management and monitoring and improving time efficiency by up to 30 percent.

Artificial intelligence in the elevator

The decisive factor here is the focus on digitization. With artificial intelligence, smart computing and the networking of all those involved in the construction, maintenance and operation of elevators, the LiftBook platform opens up new possibilities for property managers: An "all-in-one" solution for inventory management, maintenance, Legal security with operator obligations, alarm system, avoidance of false alarms and advertising in the elevator. “In addition, with the VIEW tablet, we offer a smart hardware solution for communication in the elevator, which is also an emergency and vandalism detection”, says founder Johannes Schober.

Manufacturer-independent digitization

By collecting digital data, the platform makes it possible to identify repair and maintenance needs before long and expensive downtimes arise. Elevator manufacturers and associated start-ups are also working on such solutions. There is enormous interest from industry. Unique to VIEW is the approach that is completely independent of the manufacturer - exciting for everyone who operates elevators from several manufacturers - and the integration of administrative aspects. "With the LiftBook, the requirements from operator liability, delegation, documentation and control can be easily managed online!" emphasize Schober and Baca. “With our app, it is now possible for the first time to verify and document an operational control online and to create the necessary reports. If there are any deviations, the right specialists will be notified with a click! "

Great interest from investors

“The VIEW founding team recognized a niche in the market, developed a USP and built the right products. The first customers are super happy. In this respect, the great interest among investors in the financing round can also be explained, ”says Thomas Meneder from the Upper Austrian Hightech Fund. The domestic venture capital fund has been accompanying the start-up for three years and also supports the development as a sparring partner and with its network. In addition to the high-tech fund, the well-known early-stage investor Arax Capital Partners and business angels Thomas Eder, Gerhard Ellmauer and Roland Hirtl are investing in the company. The seven-digit amount enables the launch of the “LiftBook” platform, the establishment of a powerful sales team and the first internationalization steps. The common goal: In five years, VIEW is to become the European market leader in the manufacturer-independent digitization of the elevator.