LiftBook ™, the manufacturer-independent platform

VIEW LiftBook offers a holistic approach as a neutral and manufacturer-independent interface between all stakeholders who are involved in the operation and management of elevators. The VIEW team has extensive technical, workflow and legal know-how and provides a digital platform that, independent of the manufacturer, transparently and efficiently takes over, coordinates or supports all elevator management tasks, thus increasing the efficiency of inventory management.

The range of services includes reliable sensor-supported 24/7 operational control for the best possible and safe functionality of the elevator system and is the solid basis for condition-based maintenance and supports the documentation, implementation of safety guidelines and emergency plans as well as the economic optimization of the operation of your entire elevator fleet. Benchmarking options support the decision maker and for the first time provide him with transparent information on market conditions and the performance of the service providers.

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LiftBook packages
LiftBook packages

Document management system

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Operator responsibility management

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Elevator attendant management

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This is how LiftBook ™ can help you

  • VIEW LiftBook helps you act proactively and shows potential problems in real time.
  • Benchmarking functions support you in choosing the right maintenance contracts and partners.
  • With LiftBook ™ you have a central location for a comprehensive filing of all your existing elevators.
  • All information is available at the click of a mouse.
  • The problem of bundling elevators from several different manufacturers in the portfolio is eliminated.
  • All your data is available to you and your new partners even after you change partners.

What LiftBook ™ can do: Good to know

the operator lacks the specialist knowledge

56% say they have no specialist knowledge of their elevator systems and their operation. Only 44% assume that there is expert knowledge in-house.

lack of insight and transparency in the service market

The numbers look similar when it comes to knowledge of the service market for elevator systems. Only 43% of the operators attest to a good overview of the service market. 57% said they lacked the information here.

potential cost optimization

At this point there is still a lot of catching up to do. Because a lack of knowledge could turn into a disadvantage when drafting contracts with service providers. It is not uncommon for operating costs to be reduced by 20 to 50% with the necessary knowledge.

LiftBook ™ – the advantages

Here you can see all the advantages with which LiftBook ™ makes elevator management easier for you.

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