Sensor-controlled and programmatic lift advertising

The VIEW scheduler, which distributes the advertisements to all VIEW elevators according to specified target group filters and special functions, was developed in cooperation with the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg ( University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria ) developed.

Unique to DOOH media: content is only played when the lift is in use in order to maximize the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and make it measurable. Target group-oriented advertising is shown in the form of graphics and videos with subtitles, but without sound.

Advertisers can target their advertising in the VIEW elevator systems. The system enables, among other things, a selection of the buildings (office building, residential building, etc.), days and times of day at which an advertisement is running. For example, a cinema advertisement can only be played in bad weather and an advertisement from the regional bakery can only be played on downhill trips and only until 4:00 p.m. The users of the individual elevator systems are categorized in advance so that the campaign reaches the right target group. Advertisers can set an individual budget for the campaign, which is distributed to the relevant elevators with the help of the VIEW scheduler.

Advertising revenue with every trip!

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Non-binding inquiries

Lift advertising with VIEW: information and advertising revenue

The traditional “bulletin board” becomes colorful, multimedia and reduces operating costs

You can use the free VIEW APP to provide your displays with graphics, information and important notes. Automatic algorithms differentiate between upward and downward travel. Media is only output when people are in the elevator.

Play information, get insights

As possible information, for example, orientation aids, service offers or current news can be made available to your users. The app also gives you an insight into the number of trips and the status of the elevators.

Have your emergency system sponsored by advertising

You have the choice whether you only display your own information via the VIEW system or whether you also allow advertising messages from third parties and thus sponsor your operating costs.

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