The VIEW TABLET is an innovative display with an integrated emergency call system

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Our system explained 

With VIEW you get more out of every elevator ride! Integrated sensors only play content when people are inthe elevator. Load information onto your displays withjust a few mouse clicks and benefit from marketing by


 Fields of application:

- Elevators (Manufacturer a. o.)

- Foyers

- Lobby

- Reception

- Lounge area

- Wellness area

- Sanitary sector


- Suitable for all elevators

- Surface-mounted or flush-mounted installation

- No local network connection necessary

- No additional assembly costs



Scope of supply

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Visual emergency system

Give your visitors, employees & business partners abetter feeling of security. In an emergency, the systemswitches to a visual emergency sequence and helpsdetermine the type of emergency immediately so thatthe right measures can be taken even before theelevator door has been opened, for example. With the ”VIEW SENSE" extension, critical situations can bedetected automatically and the emergency call centre isinformed directly by the system.


Ongoing source of income

In consultation with you, we bring media and suitableadvertising to your locations. Carefully testedcampaigns, local and regional advertising reaches yourguests and you benefit in two ways. You earn on everyplayout and can, together with our team, excludeunwanted content in advance. Your guests will benefitfrom event tips, suitable shopping opportunities, information on activities and cooperation with yourpartner companies.


Daily info

You can enter your own content into the playback andshow it immediately. The two permanent function keyscan be provided with floor overview, events, companyprofiles and relevant media.


VIEWAPP - One software for all needs is the digital management tool for your VIEW displays. You can easily and functionally distribute individual graphics or videos, manage elevator emergency calls and much more.

Digital Info

Digital Info



Playout times

Playout times



Visual emergency call system

Visual emergency call system

Videos & graphics

Videos & graphics

Manage content yourself

Manage content yourself

Aid to orientation

Aid to orientation

Reduction of operating costs

Reduction of operating costs

Surrounding activities

Surrounding activities


Digital Signage-Management has never been so easy:


Campaign switching


Manage locations


Own Branding


Improved emergency call management (for elevator companies and emergency call centers)


Place your own content

Automatic detection of emergencies and objects


VIEW SENSE is a research project dealing with software for the early detection of suspicious or critical situations. The system monitors desired movement patterns and informs e.g. an emergency call centre, security service or hotel lobby about suspicious and critical processes. Medical emergencies such as unconsciousness or objects left behind are detected.


Visual Detection
In the background a software based on an image adjustment algorithm was working. Maintenance functions for elevator operators and maintenance companies can also be activated to check technical conditions.


Instant Alert
If a situation is suspicious or critical, the assigned emergency call centre or desired location should be notified. e.g: If a person is lying in the elevator, he or she is pressed or objects are detected.


Multi Management
Any number of elevators or rooms can be connected to the VIEWAPP. Using our customer software, you can conveniently view the status of the systems from your laptop or tablet.


Privacy Rights / Data Storage
Unless expressly requested, the system shall not act as a surveillance camera system and shall transmit an image to the appropriate authority only upon detection. The high level of personal data protection is maintained with this technology.




Rondel function

With the rondel function, it is possible to switch between several contents with the green/red buttons. This offers the possibility to transmit even more and different information to the user. Have a look at our animation for a better idea

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