Safety always on board: digital elevator management by VIEW Elevator

We use digital elevator management to make elevator operation easy, safe and cost-effective for operators. Because digital elevator management solves a complex matter that usually loses the operator: 85% of all elevators lack manuals or circuit diagrams. Maintenance is therefore unsafe and expensive and often carried out by third parties without an adequate basis. Mit einem verheerenden Ergebnis: Nur 25 % der Aufzüge erhalten den versprochenen Service. In the event of an accident, however, the operator is always liable.

Source: Market and Trend Study 2019, Hundt Consult / Shanderry Elevator & Escalator Consultants Ltd. 2020, Plant Safety Report 2019, Association of Technical Inspection Associations (VdTÜV) / VIEW emergency call investigation 2020

Simple instead of complicated: The 3 pillars of digital elevator management

With the digital documentation LiftBook TM, we make the maintenance of elevators traceable and efficient across generations, across all industries and models, within the scope of digital elevator management. This not only saves operators up to 30% time and 50% running costs, but also guarantees the legal security of maintenance, which in most cases does not exist with conventional elevator management. With the latest AI and sensors, VIEW Elevator also replaces a 24/7 elevator attendant and automatically detects emergencies. And as a digital notice and advertising space, VIEW Elevator provides simple information and additional income opportunities. Digital elevator management goes one step further and proactively addresses the needs of operators and residents.

LiftBook TM

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Elevator emergency call

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Legally secured with digital elevator management

With the practical digital elevator management from VIEW Elevator, operators have an overview of a large number of elevator generations, manufacturers and technologies. Because the stock is on average over 30 years old. The digital documentation LiftBook TM ensures that circuit diagrams and manuals do not get lost and not only supports the maintenance company, but also creates transparency for the operator about the quality of maintenance. In this way, operators do not have to blindly rely on the maintenance company and comply with their legal obligation under TRBS 3121. The operator is responsible for overseeing maintenance – with digital elevator management this is no longer a problem!

Increases security, reduces costs

Operator duties are not only carried out more effectively but also more efficiently with digital elevator management. The simple transfer of rights, the networking of off-line processes such as operational control / inspection and the comprehensible digital documentation of the implementation make administration easier, faster and more cost-effective.


What solutions does digital elevator management offer me?

  • Maintain independent performance data on a critical and expensive asset
  • View the real-time status of your elevators across your portfolio
  • Reduce unplanned downtime that disrupts tenants
  • Better align your costs with your asset management goals
  • Increase the accountability and performance of your service providers
  • You own the data sovereignty, not the elevator company
  • You have freedom of choice through easy change of actors
  • Increased inventory management efficiency
  • A single management system for all properties and elevator brands
  • Transparency across the entire system inventory
  • Save time and nerves, as all legally and technically important documents can be called up securely and in a structured manner in a central archive
  • Organization of all actors in defined access levels
  • Easy and problem-free change of provider
  • Align costs and total cost of ownership with the needs of your customers
  • Access readily available information to help address tenant concerns
  • Maintain your own independent data to help you achieve your goals
  • View system status at locations with no physical presence
  • Improve the rental experience with less unplanned elevator downtime
  • Leverage digital technology solutions to provide world-class customer service
  • A single management system for all properties and elevator brands instead of “isolated solutions”
  • Optimize your resources to grow your business
  • Use cross-process support and deadline monitoring
  • Improve response and resolution times to attract more customers
  • Use technology to automate manual paperwork processes
  • No more hassle with “untraceable” circuit diagrams and documents
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